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0, 295, 000 miles on it. Check engine light comes on but never sets a code. No, a DTC does not always turn on the check engine light. and even if it does it might not turn it on indefinitely. This can be related to the severity of the code, or if it is no longer an issue and the DTC is just stored in the memory as pas. · I have an 07 Chrysler Town and Country, the other day the check engine light came on. Went to Auto Zone to have it read, but there were no codes. My service engine soon light is on,. You originally asked how to " Reset Check Engine Light" I answered. My service engine soon light is on, but there is no code! While there are literally dozens of reasons your check engine light may be triggered,. they can figure out what the code means so you can act. Ok fellas I have a time sensitive issue here. The darn CEL went on today on my way home from work. About 2 weeks ago it came on dealer said it was the fuel cap.

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    So hopped out ( doors off) tighten it down drove the rest of the way home. I have a Saturn Vue( 4 cyl. / 5 speed), and I am due for an ispection. The " Service Engine Soon" light is on, and I have taken it to three differ. It' s happened twice in the last 3 days ( 50 miles). I get the Check Engine and See Dealer Now warnings on the overhead, but there' s no codes using the. · You’ re driving home from work one day when the car owner’ s worst nightmare happens: the check engine light pops. We have a 1996 Ford F- 250 XL, dual gas tanks. Recently, it failed a smog check due to the fact that the Check Engine Light would not come on. This car runs great, and in fact the emissions part of the smog test was normal, no problems at all. Just would like some idea of what this could be - a burnt. · The MIL or check engine light illuminates ONLY when there is an emissions failure. It is possible to have a code stored without a check engine light, but it. You’ re driving home from work one day when the car owner’ s worst nightmare happens: the check engine light pops on.

    It comes without warning and with no explanation. I have an 07 Chrysler Town and Country, the other day the check engine light came on. Went to Auto Zone to have it read, but there were no. Check engine light flashing but no codes at download. asked by Bill O on October 30,. We have checked all plug wire connections and all are good. · It could be a probelm that has nothing to do with the engine/ transmission. There are tons of computers in that car and generic code readers wont pick up any codes. In a modern car, there can be hundreds of error codes, but each of them points to a specific issue. As a mechanic - - professional or do it yourself - - these codes can be accessed in order to measure the overall health of the engine. Check your fuses to be sure none of them have gone bad. Close up on a cluster with the check engine warning light on indicating a car failure. · Get YouTube Red. Bmw 528i E39 Check engine light and no codes THE FIX - Duration:. Check engine light code without OBD scanner.

    Free easy ways how to " reset check engine light" and learn what caused OR triggered the error message but i recommend OBD2 car. but i recommend OBD2 car scanner to reset reset or clear service engine error codes, car. · So for the past couple of days I keep getting a check engine light and when I go to get the light read, it says theres no codes. what happens is on my. · It' s happened twice in the last 3 days ( 50 miles). Dodge Dakota Forum for Dodge Dakota trucks with an interactive site including Dodge Dakota Forums, Pictures, Links, Message Boards, and Chat Forum. · Cadillac STS Forum - through Discussion, Check Engine Light - No Codes in Past Cadillac Vehicle Discussion; What does this mean? My light came on today. · Ok fellas I have a time sensitive issue here. About 2 weeks ago it came on dealer said it. · I' ve an 08 R/ T.

    Check engine light just came on. I did the key thing 3 times and the odometer goes blank, then says done. But there' s no codes. · Hey guys im a new member but I' ve been looking at these forums forever and finally decided to join. I' ve fixed all of my probs thanks to other ppl. · So I have a code reader hooked up to my car and it' s telling me on my android app that my Civic has a code P1298, which I looked up and seems to. There are other cases where there' s no check engine light but codes. For example, any problem that affects the emissions system will automatically light the check. Honda Civic SirEngine light appears on while driving down highway. No problems at all with running or engine etc. Dont know if codes were.

    My engine light came on a few days after I bought the truck. I took it to the dealership and all that caused it was I had not replaced the fuel filler cap tight enough. · [ Archive] no codes found, but check engine light still on E. Just read your problem, and I have the same prob, too. I have a Johnson/ Suzuki 115df. did oil change few days ago, and the check engine light. Pulled the negative battery cable and then when we restarted the vehicle the check engine light remains on. Jul 06, · Hey guys, I' m trying to get my jeep ready to pass inspection and I have run into a slight problem. Earlier today I set out to try and fix what was. · Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum > 3rd Gen. Dodge Cummins 03- 07 Common Rail Forums > 3rd Gen. Powertrain > Check Engine Light With No Codes. Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum.

    I see this question often and my answer is always the same; if you have a check engine light on but no code, you’ re using the wrong scan tool. Whenever you have a. If your check engine light is on, don’ t panic. Pep Boys has the answer. From parts to on- site mechanics, we have the tools and the expertise to help. A month ago the check engine light came when started one morning. The car runs fine. I purchased an OBDII code reader and followed. I hopped into my gen1 Volt, started driving, and noticed the check engine light was illuminated. There were no warning messages on my DIC. I' ve an 08 R/ T. · I have a Avenger R/ T AWD, with 110K miles.

    Recently, we have had a couple of instances ( several weeks apart) where the car acted as if the battery. Jul 21, · My mom has a Ford Expedition 2x4 V8 5. She has a engine light on her truck and she took it to advanced auto parts and put a scan tool on it and it reads no codes. Jun 11, · I got my converters changed because my check engine light read the code p0520 i believe anyways i got them fixed last monday the check engine light was off well yesterday which was this Monday my check engine light came back on. · misfire, check engine light, but no code? Trying to accelerate onto the highway, the with 220, 000 on it had a little trouble. 8 ppl in the van,. · Hello, Two weeks ago, went to the dealership for a check engine light. After severals minutes, the service advisor came to me and told me that my car. Aamco will check the Check Engine light for free and provides a. CarMD published a list of the five most common Check Engine light codes in and estimated cost. Your Check Engine light is shining like a beacon of bad news. own scan tool, and if your car hasn' t passed I/ M readiness, there' ll be no sticker for you.